3 Great Gadgets for Stress Relief

We all know that stress can kill. According to research, stress deteriorates everything in the body, even down to the cellular level. Among other things, it increases the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Everyone has different ways of managing their stress, such as having the occasional drink, exercising, lounging at the beach or pool, or even, binging on trash-TV.

While there are certain lifestyle changes like regular breathing exercises, meditating, and working out that can be great long term strategies in keeping stress manageable, sometimes we all need a quick fix. Enter the Fidget Spinner—a modern and easy way to relieve stress. Don’t know what these are? Read on to find out why you need Fidget Spinners in your life. 

What are Fidget Spinners?

 Fidget Spinners are relatively new gadgets that can help reduce nervous energy, anxiety, and stress. They are hand-held toys, so to speak, that can bring on Zen-like calm after just a few minutes of use. They can help with focus, relaxation, and clarity. As a result, using a Fidget Spinner can also boost focus and concentration for the task at hand. 

Collective Carry_ Activator_ Landscape from Touch of Modern on Vimeo.

Here are three awesome gadgets that can bring on stress relief, including a couple of Fidget Spinners. 

The Boras Fidget Spinner

The Boras from Collective Carry is a Fidget Spinner that has been beautifully designed and constructed with stress relief at its core.

It can be used by one or both hands, and the spinning process can last several minutes, therefore, occupying a restless mind, leaving it to focus or relax. Not only is this an excellent way to quell the stress, the Boras looks great too. 

The Scope Fidget Spinner

Yet another Fidget Spinner from Collective Carry, the Scope is also known as a tri-spinner. The tri-spinner is gaining such popularity that there some who’ve dubbed themselves as “pro-spinners,” proudly showing off their tricks online. 


The Scope is small, discreet, and handsomely designed. It keeps going anywhere from one to three minutes per spin. Researchers have found that fidgeting distracts the part of the brain that gets bored, so the other parts can focus on what we are hearing, seeing, or reading. 

Magnetized Balls

An excellent way to take a break is to use your hands to create beautiful patterns. Meet the Magnetized Balls from Collective Carry—a group of mini spheres that can you build into any shape your imagination comes up with. Get lost in your own world of creativity and keep stress at bay.


Whether you need to relieve stress or are looking for an alternative way to focus, these products offer a quick, easy, and most importantly, a fun way to do so. Plus, they are small and discreet, which means you can stash one in your pocket, office drawer, or car glove compartment to always have one within reach. Who knew fidgeting could be so good for you! Check out Collective Carry’s excellent collection of fidget spinners and other gadgets designed to reduce tension and improve concentration.